Sleepless in Seattle

An early 90’s classic that shaped the Rom Coms of the present Sleepless in Seattle is an iconic movie from the early 90’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if most people my age watched the film growing up, in fact, many of my friends reminisced when I told them I was watching it for this blog.Continue reading “Sleepless in Seattle”

Black Panther

Challenging the status quo in a male dominated genre. Courage                      Family                         Tradition                     Innovation Some of you may be asking why a superhero movie about an African king, directed by a man has been included within this blog. Out of the 9 producers of this film, there are two females, which warrants its inclusion. More importantlyContinue reading “Black Panther”

A League of Their Own

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Resilience                    Choice                         Friendship                   Strength I watched this movie several times as a teenager & young adult and certainly enjoyed it for its entertainment value however I don’t think I fully understood the significance of this movie or the story. I’ve spent the last decade learning about the womenContinue reading “A League of Their Own”

Frozen 2

Bravery           Growth            Vulnerability               Trust                Love If you haven’t heard of Frozen, then you have certainly been living under a rock these last six years. Frozen broke the mould for children’s movies and surpassed everyone’s expectations. Although the movie was about love, it was about a different kind of love, a love vastly differentContinue reading “Frozen 2”